Are You Wondering If It Is Legal To Sell An Amazon Seller Account?

Are you wondering if it is legal to sell an Amazon seller account? Can I run into problems selling Amazon FBA business? If you are, four different situations might have presented themselves and you find yourself in one of them now.

First, you might be thinking you could spend six months or a year or so building up an Amazon business selling things, getting a good volume of transactions done under an account, generating great feedback, and then possibly selling said account to someone wanting all the groundwork done for them.

Secondly, you possibly built your own Amazon business over time, and you recognize you have something valuable, but you’re looking to move on and do something different, so why not try and get something back for what you’ve built?

Third, you might have moved into a position of leadership within an LLC or other corporate or company entity that sells on Amazon, but you think it’s time to sell the business.

Fourth, you possibly inherited an Amazon seller account as part of a business or estate transfer after the previous owner’s demise, and you simply don’t want it.

There might also be other sets of circumstances in which you might be wondering if it is legal to sell an Amazon seller account, but it really doesn’t matter all that much. The truth is that in almost every set of circumstances, the answer is inevitably going to be no.

This may come as a surprise to you if you get communications from those looking to buy Amazon seller accounts, and those phone calls, emails, or messages might have caught your eye given how much money they’re willing to offer.

The concept isn’t without precedent. It’s quite common for entrepreneurs to establish new brick and mortar businesses, see them grow successful, and then sell them off to someone looking for an already-profitable business. The seller gets the constant excitement of creating new things without getting bogged down in long-term commitments, and the buyer knows they are investing in something that’s already built and making money, minimizing their risk and the amount of time before they start seeing their own revenue.

It happens in the digital world as well. Webmasters create websites when they find the right keywords. They snag an expired domain name that already has some good ‘karma’ in terms of search engine optimization, before doing their own work to move it up the rankings. Once they get a good page rank others might desire, they sell it, lining their pockets while the buyer skips months of their own optimization work.

The same simply doesn’t apply to Amazon seller accounts, as the user agreements of the site stipulate that personal accounts only ever belong to the person that started them. An LLC or business that has its own account can be sold at a business level, but the new business ownership would need their own and new seller account, as the inherited feedback of the old account would not be theirs per se.

If you feel like you should qualify for an exception, you’ll have to contact Amazon directly to ask for one. It’s also wise to avoid selling your account to someone interested in buying it, as this is not really permitted.

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